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30 September 2006  
New home! Well, well, now that we moved to a new domain and host under The Project, expect a bit more updating to happen after my year long hiatus(s). Things got really simplefied around here so please refer back to The Project for links, the short comics, general art, articles, and such. The mailing list is also no longer in effect so to get your immediate updates, use the RSS feeds at The Project site too. Since things are still a bit buggy, let me know if there's any broken links and such. No real updates except a new profile image and some art I haven't put up before. Thank you for your patience!
5 September 2006  
Wah, no excuses for this horrible lag in updating. Well, just a quick announcement that some reamping is going to happen to celebrate Mave's Kingdom Come merge/move/kidnapping! Also, Lisa's Shelter of Wings graphic novel is on pre-order! Order before Nov 15 and you can get a free prize! See the 'Featured' section to the left for a quick run-down. And yes, the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' feature is a little bit *dodgesgarbage* behind schedule. See what I'll do with it.
25 December 2005  
Merry Christmas, everyone! And so, begins my 12-Days of Christmas daily splash page image 'event'. It would require some knowledge of the comics I made, but hope you will like them ^^ Remember that you can click the images to skip to the enter image whenever.
23 December 2005  
Saint one-shot comic uploaded at Comics. Tidied up and added new links at Links (man, was that painful...). New announcements you should check out. Updated my profile at Info. Generally fixed things here and there. What's with the burst of activity? Well, of course: Merry Christmas!! Check back on Christmas for a special treat from me. Then keep checking back every day for twelve days after that (hint hint). God bless, be thankful, and enjoy your holidays!
20 October 2005  
- Not quite a new look but something different anyway. Moving on... I'm back!! That 'good reason' for my extended hiatus is now on sale! It's right there on the left so please check it out and spread the news. It'll make a great present for young future gamers while teaching (though, let's be honest, the game is just really fun) Biblical values. Now that my schedule is loosening up, I'll get back to updating the comics and what not. Which are all incredibly long over due. No new stuff except for a slight face-lift and announcements at the moment. Also, some links and text are still a bit buggy so I'll get back to fixing those later. *11/17 EDIT: Turns out my original mailing list is still present so there's no need for subscribers to re-subscribe.*
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